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The Big Two are Still Losing Ground!

The June Issue of Ballot Access News reports the number of voters registered as Republican and Democrat has continued to decline.  This number has been on a continual decline since Ballot Access News began recording this information in 1992. And why not?  It doesn't matter which of the two bloated parties is the majority party in government, things continue to worsen, and government continues to get more oppressive. 

Public awareness is on the increase, which is strongly evidenced by the popularity of the Tea Party groups and so many other similar organizations.  Maybe it's all the talk currently and in recent decades of the New World Order (which, if/when implemented will require the destruction of American
sovereignty, and American freedoms as we've known them).  Maybe it's because people are tired of the lies coming from the big party candidates.  Maybe it's because people are feeling a pinching sensation in their wallets all the while being promised prosperity.  No matter the reason, red blooded Americans are waking up to the fact that they have been swindled.

A brief study of the platforms of the Republicans and Democrats, compared with their actions, reveals their agendas and real goals.  Neither party is driven by the best interest of the people anymore.  Neither party is concerned with the intentions of our Founding Fathers, but both parties have gotten very good at marketing.  Big government is in their best interest, not the will of the people. A student of their platforms (which can be found on their websites) will quickly realize that globalism is the goal. 

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan offers you candidates that will stand by our Constitutions, State and National and the principles by which they were conceived.  We stand with our Fathers, believing that small limited government is the key to national security, personal liberty and prosperity.  We acknowledge God's hand in the development of our states and nation, and know that its continuance depends on retention of that fact.  It's time to once again recognize state's rights and return education to its rightful governors - parents and local authorities.

Please consider making the jump to America's third largest political party; the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan.  Just as Abraham Lincoln's party (Republican) was once a so-called "Third Party" just before he won the election placing him into the office of President of the United States, there is a political party that stands with Americans and their values.  This November, vote for those candidates that share YOUR values.  Vote US Taxpayers Party of Michigan.  You'll find us on the ballot.

Legitimate Marriage

For weeks now, I have had a difficult time doing that which I used to do well.  The power of the pen, or today's near equivalent, the keyboard, cannot be overstated.  Yet, I find myself torn between so many issues that I just have been unable to properly dissect any one of them for presentation to a reader.  Even now, I am admittedly somewhat perplexed when pondering the enormous task that floods the path ahead.

"Choose your battles", is a common cry.  But which shall we choose?  From a political standpoint, globalism is unquestionably our greatest enemy currently.  The infringement of our right to keep and bear arms with over 23,000 gun laws is certainly of great concern.  Abortion is a heinous crime allowed, even encouraged by our governments.  Education is of great concern.  States rights, high taxes, health care, cap and trade are all worthy issues demanding our attention.  If that's not enough, I recently learned the city of Walker, Michigan is determined to require that churches within the city limits be licensed by the city in order to conduct their church functions.

But one issue came to the forefront last week. 




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HB 4229


When is enough enough? 

Michigan State Representative Fred Durhal, D-Detroit, soon after assuming his new position as public servant, decided to undertake one of Michigan's most pressing issues.  Apparently, the taxpayers of the State of Michigan were not providing enough perks and services to their lawmakers, and by introducing HB 4229 Representative Durhal seemingly believes that problem will be solved.

House Bill 4229 (full text below) will allow (or force) the taxpayers to not only provide every survivor of a deceased lawmaker a new state flag upon the survivor's request, but also provide a State Police Escort for the lawmaker's funeral procession!  This bill was introduced by Durhal and co-sponsored by 13 Democrats and 5 Republicans.  Who in the world do they think they are?


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