The Plan for Recovery

Newly elected Governor, Rick Snyder recently introduced his budget proposal for consideration by the House and Senate.  There has been a wave of response in tsunamic proportions. 

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson replied in support of his plan and vowed to do everything she can to make her office more efficient and cut back to meet the demands.  The Department of Human Services on the other hand rejected the plan saying that it will hurt too many people.  Interestingly, both of these departments are taking among the least of the cuts at 0.8% each.

What will be the result of the Governor's proposal if it is implemented by the House and Senate?  That has yet to be seen.

He, without question, has taken a step in the right direction.  I applaud him for taking some of the gutsy positions he has.  We are finally hearing the word, "cut" as it applies to budgeting.  Even the Executive Office will be taking a cut of 5% if the budget recommendation is passed. 

Not every department will take a cut under the Governor's recommendation however.  The following departments are marked for an increase, Attorney General, Corrections, Environmental Quality, Military/Vet Affairs, Natural Resources, Tech. Mgt. Budget, Transportation, and Treasury.

He is proposing an elimination of the business tax, which is long overdue.  Unfortunately, his plan is to replace the overbearing tax with a 6% corporate tax; a bad idea, given that much of small business is reliant upon big business for its livelihood.  To handicap the greater is to keep an unnecessary pinch on the smaller.  The idea of, "Repeal, don't Replace" should be the cry in Lansing.

So, we see positives and negatives within the scope of his proposal.

It is my opinion that a long term recovery of the state's economy will be directly linked to four other factors.  There are also many indirect factors, but four will have a direct influence.  They are, in no particular order, the health of the traditional family, the amount of unnecessary regulation on business, the stability or instability of the moral fabric of society and the amount of unconstitutional oppression allowed to the federal government.

During my campaign for State House of Representatives in 2008, I developed a plan for Economic and Social Recovery for the State of Michigan. Below is that plan in outline form as published in 2008. 

With some reservation, I am pleased with Governor Snyder's beginning approach to correct a long time problem in our state.  I certainly hope he will continue to follow the path of correction in such a way as to make a long term solution.

Bill Mohr's Plan For

Economic and Social Recovery

Economic and Social Recovery Plan 

Economic facts

  1. We need jobs in Michigan. 
  2. Business is the provider of jobs.
  3. Small businesses and entrepreneurs provide the economic stability of a freedom and liberty based society.
  4. The prospect of prosperity once again in Michigan requires that it provide a financial environment friendly to small business.
  5. List of things that hinder small business:
    1. The high cost of taxation
    2. The high cost of unemployment insurance
    3. The high cost of workman's compensation insurance
    4. The high cost of compliance with OSHA regulations
    5. The high cost of property taxes (also passed down to leasers)
    6. The high cost of financial accounting to meet state requirements
    7. The high cost of compliance with mountains of misc. regulations

 Social facts

  1. The United States and the State of Michigan were founded on Scriptural principles, and the jurisprudence of American law is based in the Scriptures.
  2. Almighty God is officially recognized in the Michigan Constitution as the giver and provider of our blessings of freedom, and the self stated purpose for the existence of the constitution is to "secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity."
  3. The natural family is the unit that provides the overall stability of all other entities including home, church, schools, and government.
    1. List of things that hinder the health of the natural family:

                                                              i.      Tolerance or encouragement of civil unions, whether homosexual or heterosexual unmarried couples

                                                            ii.      The high cost of taxes, including income taxes, property taxes and license and registration taxes

                                                          iii.      No fault divorce

                                                          iv.      The oppressive so called Child Protective Services organizations

                                                            v.      The lack of jobs in Michigan

                                                          vi.      Excessive regulation in housing and the automotive industries causing expensive purchases, repairs and improvements

  1. A quality education is necessary to equip our children for their future.
    1. List of things that hinder education:

                                                              i.      The rejection of religion and morality as valid curriculum material

                                                            ii.      Weak and broken families

                                                          iii.      An inability of administrators to properly discipline children

                                                          iv.      The teaching of the unsubstantiated and unscientific theory of evolution

                                                            v.      Class time taken up with liberal social indoctrination; the illegitimate replacement for knowledge

The plan for recovery

With the basis and strength of our society being the home, it does not remove the fact that currently we have an economic crisis in the State of Michigan.  The economics require immediate attention.

The first step taken then, should be to address the economics in Michigan.  Bill Mohr calls for the encouragement of small business with:

  1. Massive tax cuts to small businesses paid for by:
    1. An immediate freeze on state spending levels
    2. An immediate postponement of all non essential improvements (to be distinguished from repairs) on all state projects including roadways, new government buildings, vehicle and machinery purchases, etc. for two to five years
    3. The establishment of a panel of non-governmental employees with the purpose of identifying and reporting any additional non essential spending that can be cut
  2. The replacement of mandatory workman's compensation insurance laws with law allowing for voluntary compliance for low risk businesses less than two years old with 5 or less employees, which would allow reasonable liability law to govern in the workplace.  Mandate only that the employer make available to its employees the details of their level of compliance and the details of any policy it provides.  This works well in other states.  Bring it back to Michigan.
  3. The creation of a committee made up of non-governmental employees to review MIOSHA policies, evaluate the effects of MIOSHA policies on small business, and recommend changes to make it more small business friendly.
  4. The creation of a committee made up of non-governmental employees to discover excessive and unnecessary regulations on small business and recommend ways to reduce those burdens.
  5. The replacement of mandatory unemployment insurance law for any business less than two years old with five or less employees, with law allowing voluntary compliance requiring only that these businesses inform their employees of their level of compliance.  Businesses that are two years old or older, or that employ more than five full time people would be required to comply with the current state unemployment insurance requirements.

Any economic recovery we will achieve will be only temporary in nature unless we get to the roots of the problem.  By limiting government spending and using the excess to lift the financial burdens on small business, we will have attacked and defeated one of the hindrances to the source of the job market.  The stability of economics however, is directly linked to the character and morality of the people.  These things are developed in a child's life both at home and at school with the support of the home.

The second step taken should be to get our homes and schools in order.  Bill Mohr calls for:

  1. A resolution recognizing the jurisprudence of law relating to the family as supporting the natural family; husband, wife, and children only, forbidding all perversions thereof valid recognition.
  2. Protection of, and stable environments for children through law,
    1. Which requires accountability in divorce, and makes divorce difficult to obtain apart from the criminal behavior of one of the parties within or without the marriage, or in circumstances of fornication.
    2. Making child abuse a crime handled by the regular police organizations and punishable in the same manner as other criminal behavior.  Everyone has a right to a free trial.  CPS is a mismanaged organization hindering the family through long, tedious, very expensive, and very oppressive investigations, often leading to incorrect conclusions and results.  CPS should be reduced to no more than a subservient organization to the regular police or eliminated.
    3. An aggressive state spending cut program in order to lower all taxes laden on families, and provide jobs, so as to allow families to once again survive on the income of one parent.
  3. Recognition of the marriage vow as a valid contract between two parties, and enforceable as any other contract.
  4. A resolution with a statement of intent to adhere to the constitution of the State of Michigan which reads,  "Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools, and the means of education shall forever be encouraged", followed by adherence to the mandate.
  5. The enactment of law requiring all public school entities to use the Holy Scriptures as a world history textbook, allow a time of prayer to Almighty God as recognized in the constitution, and to teach creationism as a valid theory of the origin of man.
  6. The enactment of law requiring truth in education which would,
    1. Require all theory to be taught as theory only.
    2. Forbid the teaching of certain theoretical discoveries that have been proven false and/or fraudulent.
    3. Assure that accurate and exhaustive American history be taught.
  7. Adherence to our constitutional mandate to encourage all means of effective education.
    1. Offer tax cuts for parents choosing to use alternative means for the education of their children including, parochial, church, private, and home schools.
    2. Revoke all existing law that hinders private education.

Though there are numerous other issues to be addressed by our lawmakers in the next couple of years, I believe these things are of the utmost priority.  Little else matters if our family structure disintegrates and we loose the ability to transfer knowledge to our children.

The natural family, education and the economy are all urgent matters to be considered.  The correction of the poor economic condition is vital to helping get the family back on track, and a strong family structure is necessary to solidifying a strong long lasting economy.  Wisdom and prudence in government has become more important than ever in Michigan.

Let's get started now.


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